How to determine the height of aluminum alloy doors


The height of the aluminum alloy door for people to pass through is generally not less than 2m, and no matter how high it is, it should not exceed 2.4m, otherwise there will be a sense of emptiness, and the door leaf production needs to be specially strengthened. If modeling, ventilation and lighting are required, a waist window can be added to the door, and its height should start from 0.4m, but it should not be too high.
The door for vehicles or equipment to pass through should be determined according to the specific situation, and its height should be 0.3 ~ 0.5m higher than that of the vehicle or equipment, so as to prevent the vehicle from colliding with the door frame due to bumps or when the equipment needs to be transported by a roller. As for the clearance requirements for various types of vehicles, please refer to the corresponding specifications.
For large-scale and large-space buildings such as stadiums and exhibition halls, when extra-scale doors need to be set up, a regular-sized additional door can be added to the door leaf so that people can pass when the door does not need to be opened.

Nowadays, there are many inspection doors for various equipment pipe wells in buildings. It is not a place that passes through often, so the height of the upper frame is generally the same as or lower than that of ordinary doors, and there is a threshold at the bottom that is the same height as the skirting line. You don't have to stick to 2m, only about 1.5m. Hotel rooms, the clear height of the door opening is ≥2.1m.