Advantages of aluminum alloy windows


Aluminum alloy windows are very popular among decoration owners because they are relatively high-end, not easily fade or deform, durable, and easy to manage when dirty. The aluminum alloy window material is relatively good, with window opening characteristics. There are many sliding windows, which are easy to open and close, and do not take up space. Casement windows, top hung windows, or inverted top hung windows are rare. The aluminum alloy white mesh window is very clean and refreshing, with good lighting and ventilation.

Aluminum alloy windows are lightweight and high-strength. Due to the hollow thin-walled composite section of the door and window frames, this section is beneficial for use and reduces the weight of aluminum alloy profiles due to the hollow section. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are about 50% lighter than steel doors and windows. In the case of larger cross-sectional dimensions and lighter weight, the cross-section has a higher bending stiffness.

Aluminum alloy windows have good sealing performance, and sealing performance is an important performance indicator of doors and windows. Compared to ordinary wooden and steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better air tightness, water tightness, and sound insulation performance. The airtightness of aluminum alloy doors and windows is slightly worse than that of flat doors and windows. Therefore, nylon wool strips are added to the structure of sliding doors and windows to enhance their airtightness.

Aluminum alloy windows are corrosion-resistant, easy to use and maintain. Aluminum alloy doors and windows do not require painting, do not fade, do not peel off, and do not require surface maintenance. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have high strength, good rigidity, durability, lightweight and flexible opening and closing, and no noise.

The construction speed of aluminum alloy windows is fast. The workload of on-site installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows is relatively small, and the construction speed is fast.

Aluminum alloy windows have high usage value in architectural decoration projects, especially for high-rise buildings and high-end decoration projects. If comprehensive considerations are taken from decoration effects, air conditioning operation, and long-term maintenance, the usage value of aluminum alloy doors and windows is superior to other types of doors and windows.