The history of our development


Guang Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, headquartered in Guangzhou City, is a collection of aluminum mining, aluminum production, aluminum smelting processing, aluminum product research and development - production - sales, aluminum curtain wall project installation in one of the international whole industry chain, diversified investment development of large enterprise group companies.At present, the group has 17 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 6 production bases, which are located in Baiyun District, Tianhe District, Zengcheng District, Foshan Nanhai, Dongguan Mayong and Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.



Guang Aluminum Group insists on taking the whole aluminum industry chain as the main axis of development, accelerating the pace of integrating the industrial chain, and constantly improving the advantage cluster of the whole chain of the international aluminum industry.In 2009, the company began to build a super large comprehensive aluminum processing base in Qingzhen, Guizhou Province, which integrates bauxite mining, alumina manufacturing, self-provided power plant, aluminum smelting, as well as deep processing of aluminum sheet, foil, strip and profile.



Looking forward to the future, the Group will rely on 20 years of professional experience in the aluminum industry and the national brand "Guanglu", relying on more than 100 million tons of aluminum resources and the industry advantages of the whole industry chain, vigorously promote the merger and reorganization, realize the integration and intensification of the aluminum industry, and gradually establish the leading position in the aluminum industry in a scientific, effective and steady way.Guangzhou aluminum group headquarters building will be built into the international aluminum headquarters cluster, cultural center, technology center, trading center, to promote the group and the global aluminum industry common development.