Aluminium Curtain Wall

Aluminium Curtain Wall is a building facade that does not carry a dead load from the building other than its own. Curtain wall installations are designed to resist water infiltration, air and wind forces acting on the building plus its own dead load force. The curtain wall load is transferred to the main structure of the building through connections made at floors or columns of the building.

For the large building and mansion, Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co., Ltd. Is able to produce visible and invisible frame curtain wall as well as united curtain wall, etc. Aluminium curtain wall gives you overview of beauty and sights.

Aluminium curtain wall has unique texture, rich color and it is long lasting. The appearance of the shape can be diversified, and can be perfectly combined with the glass curtain wall material or stone curtain wall material. The curtain wall system is comprised of a repetitive grid of vertical extruded aluminum mullions and horizontal rails.

Advantage of aluminium curtain wall:

1. Light-weight

The use of curtain walls can greatly reduce the weight of buildings, thereby reducing the cost of foundation.

2. Flexible design

The artistic effect of the design is good, the architect can design various kinds of curtain wall in accordance with consumers’ needs. It can present different colors integrating surrounding environment with building so as to make the building reduce the oppressive feeling but increase the grandness at the same time.

3. Flexible design and strong wind resistance are the best choice for high buildings.

4. Easy to control the construction time limit for a project.

5. Convenient maintenance because it is built in the building peripheral structure, so it is easy to repair.

Guangdong Galuminium Extrusion Co., Ltd. is able to produce aluminium curtain wall of high quality and competitive price. We have undertaken some projects such as Makati Trump Tower in the Philipines, Vietnam Dream Market and Beijing CCTV Tower, etc. Enclosed is information of product catalogue and introduction for your reference.

Galuminium is the pioneer of aluminium profile fabrication, aluminium deep-processing and the installation of aluminium projects in China. We possess more than 20 different tonnage extrusion production lines imported from Japan and Taiwan, powder coating lines from Britain, PVDF coating lines from France, thermal break profile from Italy and Korean powder coating 3D wood grain line (the most advanced anodized and electrophoresis production line in Asia). This Newest Energy-saving Curtain Wall With Invisible Frame is shows wonderful performance in waterproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation. The design is beautiful and can have various type (exposed frame/ hidden frame).
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Energy-saving Curtain Wall With Visible Frame

Energy-saving Curtain Wall With Visible Frame

Energy-saving Curtain Wall With Visible Frame is very popular and it is suitable for the office building as well as high-rise building.

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