Installation method and precautions of aluminum alloy door hinge


Hinges are used to fix door panels, so hinge installation is very important. What are the installation methods of aluminum alloy door hinges?

Installation method of aluminum alloy door hinge

1. See clearly the hinge type

Before installation, it is very important to first see the type of hinge. Because there are many types of hinges now, and the installation methods of each type are different. If you do not understand clearly and install blindly, it is easy to install them incorrectly, which will waste time and energy.

2. Determine the door opening direction

Then determine the opening direction of the door. If the door opens to the left, the hinge should also be installed to the left. If the door opens to the right, the hinge should be installed to the right.

3. Measure the size of the door

After that, measure the size of the door, mainly to determine the installation position of the hinge. The two hinges on the door should be aligned and kept at a certain distance. Mark the door first, and then open the groove with tools.

4. Fixed hinge

After the groove on the door is opened, the hinge can be installed next. Install the hinge base on the door plate first, and fix it firmly with screws to prevent falling off. Then fix the plate at the corresponding position. When fixing, you can use welding or self-tapping screws to fix it.

What to pay attention to during hinge installation

1. Installation position and quantity

If the door in the home is heavy, it is recommended to install 3 hinges, while ordinary doors only need to install 2 hinges. It should be noted that it should not be installed at the joint of the door and window corners. It should be installed at one tenth of the door and window sashes, and should be evenly divided to prevent uneven installation.

2. Grasp the clearance distance

In order to make the door installation more beautiful, the distance between the door plate and the hinge must be properly controlled. Generally, the gap should be kept at 3-5 mm. If the distance is too close, it will also affect the use of the door.